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Hello, and welcome to Marines for Christ.  I was once a member of the United States Marine Corps and am proud to share photos, letters, and stories of Marine experiences.  This site is dedicated to the US Marine Corps.  It exonerates the fallen Marines, and US Marines that are currently serving or have served, and stand strong as freedom fighters.  It is a site created by the former Marine Corporal Dale Lee Gordon.  

Every US Marine needs LORD Jesus Christ.  Carry the Bible and carry it well because Jesus Christ is your strength.  I know US Marines well and the pride factor can quickly go to the head and we lose sight on the LORD.  Even though I served over 20 years ago and not in combat I still have dreams about the Marines all the time.  The service really effected me.

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Suicide Prevention click one or both the links below:  
Military Suicide Prevention
Christian Suicide Prevention

Marines 4 Christ  Semper Fi brother I gave you a link.  Read your site looks good.  Thought others would like your testimony too.  
Also check out:  A Grateful Nation Remembers on Facebook.
Pray for Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling who fought a court case.  She was in danger of losing all her benefits and being kicked out of the Corps for displaying a Bible verse in her workspace.  I have several people praying for Monifa.  Pass prayers along for her.

From talking to a younger US Marine I learned a lot of the serious problems are happening in boot camp as well as in the fleet.  From my understanding the training has gotten a lot weaker as well as a lot of problems with homosexuality. While this may not sound like a good time to join, the United States of America needs you now more than ever.  I am old and disabled and my guns were taken from me in 1998.  I need Marines that will keep me from going to a FEMA camp or dying in a Jade Helm "exercise."  I have a good understanding of the wicked ways that the US has become.  We must repent and be saved through the final authority which is in Jesus Christ our LORD and Savior.  (Psalm 33:12)  Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

Chirstians in the Marines
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LORD Jesus I pray for all of our military
and all of our freedom fighters.  AMEN

Freedom isn’t Free

Freedom paid the ultimate price.
Freedom gave his all the ultimate sacrifice.
Freedom died for you and me.
Freedom opened blind eyes to see.
Freedom is a gift from above.
Freedom is perfect love.
Perhaps you know freedom perhaps you don’t.
Maybe you’ll choose Him maybe you won’t.
Freedom was whipped and beaten, freedom hung on a tree.
My friend’s freedom is Jesus, and this freedom makes you free.

written by:  Dale Lee Gordon
June 9, 2014
As fighting Marines we need to pray for our other troops too:  Army, Air Force, Navy all law enforcement agencies, and now the US Boarder Patrol.  We also need to pray for Jews not just to find Jesus but also for the peace of their nation and to the nations the Jews have been scattered to.  (Psalm 122:6)  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.  Don't forget to pray for yourselves and the members you serve with.  amen...

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Try telling me the Corps doesn't effect you.  I saw no combat and I got out of the Marines in 1993.  I have several dreams a week about the Marines.  Friends we all need help and this site is dedicated to helping you through Christ.  amen...

I am amazed how much more people welcome illegal immigrants than they welcome troops coming home from the battlefield.  

You have to make a choice which gods you will serve.  Will you serve evil or will you serve good.  As for me I am voted Donald Trump.  I have done a lot of research and not to over load my page with youtubes but I believe God said vote for Donald Trump.  I believe God has raised up Trump for this very time when our country has fallen into the pit of darkness from evil leaders.  Remember Bengazi!  I worked very hard as a Marine to fix vehicles to send off to war.  I worked hard again to bring all those broken vehicles back.  Obama and Hillary gave Iran nukes for the destruction of Israel.  They also gave Iraq where my brothers and sisters in the armed forces fought to ISIS.  Now that I am handicapped I ask to be treated as good as an illegal imigrant or like those on welfare.  

Keep President Trump and VP Pence in our prayers.
Pray hard for them and their families...! for real news.  God is really starting to heal my eyes so now after a year I can finally get editing done.
Just received the following YouTube from GoDaddy who I do some of my business with.
I hope you like it.