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Site updated July 19th 2019.  Also there is a new Marine on Hall of Heros.  

(Psa 94:16) Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?
Hello, and welcome to Marines for Christ.  I was once a member of the United States Marine Corps and am proud to share photos, letters, and stories of Marine experiences.  This site is dedicated to the US Marine Corps.  It exonerates the fallen Marines, and US Marines that are currently serving or have served, and stand strong as freedom fighters. It is a site created by the former Marine Corporal Dale Lee Gordon.  

Every US Marine needs LORD Jesus Christ.  Carry the Bible and carry it well because Jesus Christ is your strength.  I know US Marines well and the pride factor can quickly go to the head and we lose sight on the LORD.  Even though I served nearly 30 years ago and not in combat I still have dreams about the Marines all the time.  The service really effected me.

Suicide Prevention click one or both the links below:  
Military Suicide Prevention
Christian Suicide Prevention

Sites from other Christian Marines:  Your site could be listed here freely.
Marines 4 Christ    
A Grateful Nation Remembers Marine Corps Store
Pray for Lance Cpl. Monifa Sterling whose picture I put up an Hall of Heroes. 
Click here to accept Jesus!  1-800 need him
We need to pray for our military because GOD is telling me there will be wars soon as we are very near to the end of time.
Chirstians in the Marines
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LORD Jesus I pray for all of our military
and all of our freedom fighters.  AMEN

Freedom isn’t Free

Freedom paid the ultimate price.
Freedom gave his all the ultimate sacrifice.
Freedom died for you and me.
Freedom opened blind eyes to see.
Freedom is a gift from above.
Freedom is perfect love.
Perhaps you know freedom perhaps you don’t.
Maybe you’ll choose Him maybe you won’t.
Freedom was whipped and beaten, freedom hung on a tree.
My friend’s freedom is Jesus, and this freedom makes you free.

written by:  Dale Lee Gordon
June 9, 2014
As fighting Marines we need to pray for our other troops too:  Army, Air Force, Navy all law enforcement agencies, and now the US Boarder Patrol.  We also need to pray for Jews not just to find Jesus but also for the peace of their nation and to the nations the Jews have been scattered to.  (Psalm 122:6)  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.  Don't forget to pray for yourselves and the members you serve with.  amen...

I have been reading over Job today and I came across a verse in the King James that while the translation was correct I looked at the Hebrew behind it.  This verse is one of many translations in ancient Bibles.  It shocked me because I know as a man in the Marines I was loaded with sins.  I often had wondered will a Marine be saved even if he may or may not know the LORD well.  To be honest I wasn't sure so I looked at this verse in Job 36:5 and it gave me hope.  Here it is from the 1587 Geneva Bible.  (Job 36:5) Behold, the mighty God casteth away none that is mighty and valiant of courage.  If you fight strong for those that can't defend themselves like perhaps your loved ones at home:  God won't cast you away from the looks of this verse.  The 1388 Wycliffe translates Job like this:  "God casteth not away mighty men, seeing he is mighty."  Still read your Bible but if you have doubt this verse is a real game changer, at least for me.
Keep President Trump in your prayers.  The world loved Obama and he was a jerk.  If the world hates Trump he is my president.  As long as everyone hates him he must be doing something right!  All I ever hear in the media is how bad Trump is.  We heard Bush and Obama were great, they were terrible!  I get my news from YouTubes because I can't trust what is on TV which is why I stopped watching the news and TV.  Trump is right on!  Sorry about the YouTubes below that were removed I have no control over that.  They were real good and highly motivational!

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(Psa 37:24) Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.
Curtis Richardson 
The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him,
but because he loves what is behind him. 

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