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I am developing this page for those that may not know Jesus Christ as their personal LORD and Savior.  As my studies continue with the King James Bible and Bibles that predate the King James, I learn more and more about salvation.  To be a Christian is a relationship with Christ however chapter 20 of Revelation is putting a new light on salvation through Jesus.  Not everyone knows Jesus and some may be passing in their old age.  Those that are dying in a time in their lives that do not have a chance to get right with God.  All my Bible truths come from ancient Bibles.  I even go as deep into my studies as Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.  I gave up on the Latin Vulgate because for one it is so hard to understand and that and I do not have enough money for a faxilime copy of the Gutenberg Bible.  I do have a copy of a reprinted Wycliff which is translated from the Latin Vulgate.  I have been studying the Sagragas Escripturas ancient Spanish version as well though it is hard to understand.  I have also been studying the 1560 Geneva's Apocrypha too.  My point I am making is that in addition to what I have studied God has blessed me with Bible knowledge.  I will be embedding videos below to help people know and understand that Marines know and love their creator God Almighty and through Jesus we are a strong force and always faithful to the God we know and serve.  amen

Videos-Note a lot of times Christian videos get deleted.
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While I was in the Marines I was weak without the LORD.  I professed my former atheistic beliefs.  I worked so hard but I was not as strong as others that knew the LORD Jesus Christ.  Several times in the Corps the LORD God Almighty looked over me and blessed me.  When street thugs in the Philippines tried to rob me an angel stood behind me and scared them away.  Another time in Singapore I got completely lost at night while riding my bicycle and God sent a taxi.  When I was at Grande Island in the Philippines I rented a wind surf board and was getting so far I could not make it back to the beach.  God sent a boat to save me.  Finally in my worst stage of life when I failed to acknowledge God for the last time God spared me from death.  At that point I was out of chances.  While I did not die I landed in prison for the next 8 years and 7 months.  By then I got the point and became a full on Christian.  I have served God from the time the cuffs went on in 1998 till present.  While I falter and still deal with sin I have not given up on serving God.  If you are struggling or are near the end of your life I encourage you to get into God now.  God hasn't given up on you, so what are you waiting for?  Say a prayer about accepting Jesus and don't delay.  Your words can come out different:

LORD Jesus I acknowledge I am a sinner and my only chance I have is you Jesus and your saving grace.  I confess my sins and believe only in you O Lord.  LORD Jesus Christ I know your death on the cross is sufficient for my salvation.  You died and rose from the dead and I believe that.  I also know that from your perfect death I too can live with you in paradise forever.  amen...

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John 3:16

John 14:6

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