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I recently became friends with a veteran that told me about a book.  This man shared a copy of a book "Not Today" and from the little I have read so far I am amazed what a great book it is.  This book should be read and shared among family members, all service members, and people with friends or families in the armed forces.  Below is the link for this book which is printed at Accent Digital Publishing but is available for sale through Amazon.  If Amazon is sold out you may purchase books through  For the new revised book the paper back cost is $17.76 plus shipping.  Accent Digital Publishing webpage is currently down.  Will be up shortly as page is being revised.  


This story reveals What Binds Men Together in War
Why They Don't Talk About it.


Click above link for full description at Amazon with reviews.

For books written by the webmaster of Marines for Christ.

I, Corporal Gordon, entered the US Marines at 19 years old on January 17, 1989. (17 means victory and on January 18th 1993 I left the service.  Note 18 means bondage and I have been a slave ever since I got out.)  I was a 3521 LVS mechanic and I can sympathize with other Marines that turn wrenches. My goal is to provide families and friends with the latest updates of escapades here in the Middle East or wherever you are serving, even boot camp.  I respect all US Marines especially those on the way to becoming a Marine, because they fulfilled the honor to sign on the dotted line.  

I want to touch on some important topics.  Some of the things that weaken Marines are:  Too much alcohol, too much partying, fornication (Porneia is the Greek New Testament word, fornication sounds a lot like pornographic.) drug use is strictly forbidden in the Corps and for good reasons, demonic movies and Satanic music, [especially ones with bad lyrics] (Part of my downfall was evil movies.)  If you did not get the true definition of fornication since it is a King James word, it implies adultery, homosexuality, and pornographic materials.  

While sometimes God allows things to happen that we can't understand, such as Christians being killed or wounded in combat, serving the LORD can and will make a Marine stronger not to mention protection from the enemy trying to kill you.  God can make you brave where others cower and fear.  One thing we as Christians have is the power to pray.  Other nations have no god to pray to except Satan who wants to destroy, kill and steal.  The very name Abaddon (Another word for Satan.) means to destroy while Jesus of Yeshuah means to save.  Everything about Satan is evil.  If it is your desire to fight for Satan as a Muslim, Buddhist, atheist or whatever suits you, even fighting as a homosexual or one who has defiled his or her bed with someone else then you have set your path to hell.  While you are ironing your utilities think about putting your hand on the hot side of the iron.  If that sounds foolish to you then that is the folly of following Satan.  Hell has no mercy on any of its victims.  

I heard the other day a foolish man more influenced by our church than the Bible he reads; he said hell is a Catholic thing trying to force people to believe.  Hell is a Bible thing and a picture of a lost soul whom the LORD Jesus Christ has rejected.  Hell are words you will find in Greek and Hebrew and full descriptions in Job 18, and 20.  

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My Journal
Wanna Be but only a few a Marine!  IT IS HARD TO BE THE FEW THE PROUD A FIGHTING MACHINE!!!!
Poem written for Todd Jessie Garton who never even finished boot camp.

Many tried many fell.
Many lies and fairy tales.
Too hard wasn't the best.
Many could not pass that USMC test.
Wore the colors but they had failed.
Covered up failure as train derailed.

I have heard many excuses why some could not pass.
They were so tough they just did not last.
I am not talking about a Marine, but one that wears colors and tells dirty lies.
There are so many, and they are ****birds that tried to hide.

Many people I have heard talk a great talk but they never joined or signed on the dotted line.  Some folks think they are cooler than GOD Almighty.  The snort a line or smoke a joint, and while drinking and doing foul things, US Marines fighting to protect others and them, who all too often forget about The Few The Proud.  

Life is not about dorky cars gangsters drive and worldly nonsense.  It is about serving GOD Almighty.  If you are too scared to join be honest.  But at least step up to the plate and support those who are fighting for your freedom.  Real men and women fight for honor and respect.  Many fake people watch worldly junk learning to act stupid while others are protecting them.  I have met too many people, even those who insulted me to my face, yet I would walk away knowing one day GOD Almighty will set the facts straight.  

I have known far too many people trying to put everyone down and exhault themselves, but let me tell you a true Marine will never fail you!  In one of the worst places on earth, I met two real Marines.  They were the only ones who cared.  They didn't have to pull out a DD214, because they had learned respect.   GOD Almighty also earned respect so respect GOD today.  The LORD is our King, he is our everything!