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This section is for photos.  I lost almost all the other photos outside of very few.  So please email me to place photos here.  When I receive your photos I will post them.  If I get enough photo's and stories I will create some new sites to post them.  New sites are already prepared.
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USMC boot camp photos
Marines in Combat
To the left is my boot camp photo.  Below are some local military heros that returned from the first Iraqi war.  More photos will be provided later as I have time to work on this site.  I will try to get some photos scanned for some heros out there fighting so I can be free.  
USMC Photos
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Honor Guard
Sad, but more truth than fiction.

Thought you'd find this interesting!
This man is working during the storm, while the rest of our Federal employees are taking a "Snow Day" off in D.C.
They'll be back in session soon, to discuss his pay and benefits cut.
Women Marines
Praise God for the fighting WM's in our beloved Corps.  I had so much respect for the Women Marines that I worked along side of while I served in the US Marines.  They were strong and brave.  I had many great female friends in the Marine Corps.  I can't say enough greatness for all that the few the proud the United States Marine Corps women in service were.  amen...  Sleep well America Women Marines are on duty tonight.  
young Women Marines
Women Marines
Here are two other sites you might like.
Israel Army
Israel Army women soldiers.  I pray and support the Jewish nation of Israel.  They worship God too!
Not all know Jesus so pray for them!
Funny Marine Photos
Bush & Obama
I was really thinking hard when I saw this picture of something I can do.  I can't write poetry it is a gift God has given me.  I can't  interpret the Bible it is a gift God gave me.  I can't read ancient versions of the Bible to include learning Hebrew and Aramaic for that talent is not my own.  All that I do is not my own.  I can do nothing without God.  I have no powers of my own except one and I claim it as mine:  I possess the power to love.

amen  Dale Lee Gordon

PS  I am seriously mentally disabled which makes some tasks difficult and sometimes impossible to do.  

By the way I learned about 9/11 and I don't trust Bush anymore.  I don't trust either of them and I sure don't trust Democrats!  
10. Alex Jones InfoWars.    Click here!
11. Never liked football I especially hate it now.  Stupid players make too much money and hate God and our country.  By the way read the sign next to Hillary's picture.  Kind of a bit of God's humor.  
Obama was never my president:  I thought the Bushes were my presidents but they aren't either.  Good riddance!  God is my King and my Savior is Jesus...  Trump is my president!